Join CarePICS in Recognizing PAD Awareness Month

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) affects nearly 20 million Americans. An estimated 200,000 receiving PAD-related amputations every year, according to the Cardiovascular Coalition (CVC). CarePICS is a partner in the fight against PAD. We’re here to provide critical patient data, technology support and streamlined communication in a secure platform. With our virtual hub, providers can improve patient outcomes — and reduce unnecessary amputations.

CarePICS Enhances Providers’ Abilities to Treat PAD

CarePICS is the first virtual care platform for managing PAD, critical limb ischemia (CLI) and wound care patients. Providers can use the vascular and wound care solution with their patients in the office or wherever the patient is via telehealth. This helps create a comprehensive healthcare strategy that helps prevent amputations by improving communication.

  • Primary care physicians (PCPs) can stay connected with patients via telehealth and with compliant text and images to help follow patient progress.
  • Podiatrists can collaborate with PCPs and other providers to help consolidate complex patient care coordination.
  • Vascular specialists can triage high-risk PAD and CLI patients, pre-referral or pre-procedure, track post-procedure wound-healing progress, and maintain ongoing relationships with both patients and the physician network.
  • Patients benefit because they can directly contact their provider. If their condition is acute, the vascular specialist can understand the patient problem before they see the patient so they can prioritize needed care.

Our mission is to be the connective tissue between providers caring for vascular patients and patients with wounds. CarePICS’ telehealth capabilities facilitate timely, comprehensive care for patients. They don’t have to make long, costly commutes or risk exposure to potential pathogens. And providers gain a powerful clinical coordination network that streamlines communication and automates next steps ― all within a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Providers find the CarePICS technology easy to adapt to and appreciate our secure, streamlined communication. With our mobile and web app, you get the patient data you need to more collaborate and more efficiently run your practice.

For More Information

Join CarePICS and the CardioVascular Coalition in recognizing PAD Awareness Month. Visit the CarePICS website for more information about the virtual hub. We’re here to partner with providers with a solution to better manage patients and improve clinical outcomes.

About CarePICS

CarePICS® is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform designed to manage vascular disease and wound care patients. CarePICS enables virtual consults, telehealth visits, clinical image reporting, and automated medical supply ordering.