A population management solution to facilitate care... not just data collection.

The CarePICS® Remote Clinical Imagery System supports the following functionality:

  • Acquire and Share (Real Time)
  • Acquire and Post (Latent Review)
  • Acquire and Store (Archive)
  • CarePICS works on IOS and Android platforms allowing voice, text and imagery sharing between care partners in different networks with a cloud-based secure server.
  • Optimizes utilization of care partners clinical resources by use of remote consultive model
  • Revolutionary new wound measurement feature which automatically calculates surface area, length and width without touching the wound


Images obtained using a device's camera are retained during the CarePICS® Virtual Treatment Session between clinical participants.

No imagery remains on the client-side device after a session, but may be archived on a secure server.

Proprietary edge detection algorithm


Clinicians invite a consulting entity into a CarePICS® session via a configurable contact list by push notification.

A “call all” feature (CarePOD) invites all members of a pre-configured clinical contact group to a session thus enabling a first to respond/first to treat real time engagement model.


Clinical data pertinent to the treatment process can be entered and displayed during the session.

An interface with existing EMR systems is configurable to meet Network Partners' requirements.


CarePICS® makes latent posting of data possible for viewing via email notifications to clinical partners not available for an immediate consultation.

Archiving of session data is provided on a secure server to meet needs associated with various payor requirements.