A population management solution to facilitate care... not just data collection.

CarePICS® Virtual Treatment System Modules:

Quick Consult: Use our app for reimbursable interprofessional consults that adhere to the new physician Medicare and private payor fee schedule guidelines.

Order Optimizer: Speed up third party supply orders with breakthough protocol algorithms that assure accuracy and formulary compliance.

Fast Report: Take a picture, measure tissue and send reports to secure email or most EMR systems.

  • CarePICS works on IOS and Android platforms allowing voice, text and imagery sharing between care partners in different networks with a cloud-based secure server.
  • CarePICS optimizes utilization of care partner clinical resources using Quick Consult tool.
  • CarePICS revolutionary wound measurement feature automatically calculates surface area, length and width without touching the patient.


Obtain images using device's camera and use with CarePICS Virtual Treatment sessions.

Proprietary edge detection algorithm assures accuracy.

HIPAA compliant- No imagery remains on the client-side device after use, but may be archived on a secure server.


Clinicians can request a specialist to provide a CarePICS Quick Consult using a configurable contact group.

An optional “call all” feature (CarePOD) can invite all members of the contact group to a consult thus enabling a first to respond/first to treat real time engagement model.


Enter and display clinical data pertinent to the treatment process.

Interface with most EMR systems.


Status Indicator defines the CarePICS work flow.

CarePICS guides the user know exactly what else is needed to complete the fulfillment process.

All key users are included in updates to the process via text and banner notifications.