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The Virtual Tools You Need for Better Vascular Care

CarePICS® remote clinical imagery system allows the secure sharing of voice, text and still/streaming images for virtual treatment sessions. Fully HIPAA compliant, CarePICS is available on Apple IOS and Android platforms, enabling care partner consultations across networks through a cloud-based secure server.

This innovative virtual platform helps you engage with patients better and deliver better clinical outcomes. 


Our unified mobile and web solution includes four components:

How It Works

See how CarePICS works for patients and providers:



Telehealth and virtual care are gaining wider acceptance by patients and coverage by private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

In August 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published the Proposed Physician Fee Schedule, providing permanent guidance about telehealth.

New rules allow physicians to meet the direct supervision requirement of “incident-to billing” through remote supervision. This flexibility does extend to the use of asynchronous or phone-only communication.

Providers can now help their peripheral artery disease, critical limb ischemia and wound care patients benefit from better care, while also achieving their practice growth goals.

CarePICS TaskCodeDescription
Consult - Complete99451Virtual Consult Given
Consult - Request99452Virtual Consult Requested
Consult - Complete + Time99446Virtual Consult - Time Spent 10 Minutes
Consult - Complete + Time99447Virtual Consult - Time Spent 20 Minutes
Consult - Complete + Time99448Virtual Consult - Time Spent 30 Minutes
Consult - Complete + Time99449Virtual Consult - Time Spent 30+ Minutes
ReportG2010, G2012Patient Report for Established Patient
Visit - Patient to Provider (Time)99211-99215Established Patient Office Visit
Visit - New Patient to Provider (Time)99201-99205New Patient Office Visit