The Virtual Tools You Need for Better Vascular Care

CarePICS® remote clinical imagery system allows the secure sharing of voice, text and still/streaming images for virtual treatment sessions. Fully HIPAA compliant, CarePICS is available on Apple IOS and Android platforms, enabling care partner consultations across networks through a cloud-based secure server.

This innovative virtual platform helps you deliver better clinical outcomes and generates revenue for providers through third-party reimbursement. 


Our unified mobile and web solution includes four components:









How It Works

See how CarePICS works for patients and providers:



Telehealth and virtual care are gaining wider acceptance by patients and coverage by private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

In August 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published the Proposed Physician Fee Schedule, providing permanent guidance about telehealth.

New rules allow physicians to meet the direct supervision requirement of “incident-to billing” through remote supervision. This flexibility does extend to the use of asynchronous or phone-only communication.

Providers can now help their peripheral artery disease, critical limb ischemia and wound care patients benefit from better care, while also achieving their practice growth goals.

Telehealth & Virtual Health Procedure Codes

Procedure CodeDescriptionPAR AmountTime in Minutes
G0406Follow-up Inpatient Consults$39.8515
G0407Follow-up Inpatient Consults$73.3125
G0408Follow-up Inpatient Consults$105.3835
G0425Telehealth Consults, ER, Inpatient$102.1330
G0426Telehealth Consults, ER, Inpatient$138.4450
G0427Telehealth Consults, ER, Inpatient$205.5070
G2010Patient Report for Established Patient$12.12Patient Shares Image
G2012Remote Check In for Established Patient$14.81Provider Call to Check Patient
99201New Patient Office Visit$45.7910
99202New Patient Office Visit$76.3420
99203New Patient Office Visit$108.3330
99204New Patient Office Visit$166.3845
99205New Patient Office Visit$210.4560
99211Established Patient Office Visit$22.705
99212Established Patient Office Visit$45.4510
99213Established Patient Office Visit$75.2315
99214Established Patient Office Visit$109.1825
99215Established Patient Office Visit$146.8740
99451Virtual Consult Given$37.105
99452Virtual Consult Requested$37.105
99446Virtual Consult Given Over 5 Minutes$18.5810
99447Virtual Consult Given Over 5 Minutes$37.5020
99448Virtual Consult Given Over 5 Minutes$56.0830
99449Virtual Consult Given Over 5 Minutes$74.50 31+

CarePICS Billing Codes

DescriptionProcedure CodePAR Amount
CarePICS ReportG2010$12.12
CarePICS Visit – Time Dependent99201-99215$210.45
CarePICS Consult – Given99451$37.10
CarePICS Consult – Requested99452$37.10
CarePICS Consult – Time Dependent99446-49$18.58–$74.50

*PAR Amount reflects CMS reimbursement values and do not represent what Private Payers could be responsible for.