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About CarePICS®

Successful wound care is our cause and our passion. That’s why we built a technology platform that brings patients and their provider teams closer together.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a virtual community of providers that collaborate to improve clinical outcomes, remove barriers to care and make a lasting impact on the patients we serve.


Our Vision

Community of Clinicians –
continue to develop vertical networks throughout the care continuum

Distance is Not Your Friend –
strive to eliminate inequalities in patient care

Virtualization of Wound Care –
revolutionize the process of managing patients with vascular disease


We Value

The patient:
We understand that every product we produce should have a positive impact on the healing of our patients.

Our providers:
We believe we have a duty to design, develop and deliver products that will support our clinicians and enable them to produce better outcomes for their patients.

Our team:
We believe that we must provide an environment where our staff can thrive and generate their best work.

As healthcare evolves, so do we. We are committed to the development of our team and the needs of our customers

Our Team