E-Referrals: How CarePICS Streamlines Communication Between Providers

Patient care management can become more complex with referrals. The rapid increase in recent years of referring more patients has led to a decrease in the quality of communication and collaboration between primary care physicians, podiatrists, vascular specialists and their referral networks, according to the Association of Departments of Family Medicine.

The result? Patients may experience increased out-of-pocket costs and inconsistent care. What can you do to avoid these outcomes for your own patients?

Use CarePICS for streamlined and data-rich e-referrals. Our HIPPA-compliant virtual care platform increases primary care resolution and promotes coordination of care by efficiently delivering patient information.

Project CORE’s Initiative to Improve the Referral Experience

E-referrals are an integral part of telehealth since the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) launched Project CORE: Coordinating Optimal Referral Experiences in 2014. Project CORE partnered with AMCs, children’s hospitals and healthcare organizations across the U.S. These partnerships have led to successful implementations of enhanced referrals within electronic medical records (EMRs) in over 40 healthcare organizations.

CarePICS’ Powerful E-Referral Functionality

CarePICS e-referral functionality builds off the precedent set by the Project CORE model. This powerful technological solution improves patient experiences with strengthened workflows and streamlined processes.

Tired of filling out tedious referral forms? E-referrals through CarePICS eliminates paperwork and simplifies sending images. The feature also makes in-person visits more valuable, as podiatrists and vascular specialists can gather as much pertinent information as possible for the referral provider.

CarePICS streamlines e-referrals

Providers can send these digital referrals to any specialist or referral partner even if they don’t use the same EMR or the CarePICS app. Anyone in a provider’s multispecialty care network can benefit from the CarePICS robust platform and capabilities.

For more information

Do you want to learn more about how CarePICS e-referrals help create a transparent and organized method for specialist referrals? Visit the CarePICS website to read more about virtual tools for better wound and vascular care.

About CarePICS

CarePICS® is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform designed to manage vascular disease and wound care patients. CarePICS enables virtual consults, telehealth visits, clinical image reporting, and automated medical supply ordering.