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You are invited to participate in the SL2 Care Coordination Initiative! We look forward to working with you.

In exchange for your participation you and your staff will receive a no charge subscription to the CarePICS Digital Wound and Vascular Platform

Enrollees are encouraged to adhere to Initiative prerequisites, which will include:

  • Attending an SL2 training webinar on how to use the CarePICS software application for wound image capture, measurements and documentation as well as interprofessional consults and referrals to vascular specialists.
  • Using CarePICS in your practice for wound care patients to capture wound images, measurements, clinical documentation and trending.
  • Following recommended best practices for pre- and post-procedural patient monitoring including using CarePICS to request/receive interprofessional consults and referrals. (Consulting provider does not need CarePICS app to receive consult requests or referrals)

Phase 1

  • Six-month pilot program
  • Study initiative open to a maximum of 100 podiatrists in Texas, Florida and selected areas
  • A full-featured CarePICS subscription will be offered at no cost to Phase 1 participants during Phase 1

Phase 2

  • 12-month pilot continuation and expansion
  • Study initiative open to podiatrists nationwide
  • Participants in Phase 1 will be automatically grandfathered into Phase 2
  • A full-featured CarePICS subscription will be offered at no cost to Phase 2 participants during Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Continuity initiative that advocates for use of digital health technology as a means to ensure optimal wound management as well as care coordination between podiatrists and vascular specialists
  • CarePICS will be offered at a discounted rate to Phase 1 and Phase 2 participants during Phase 3


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